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D-CATTM Cavity Decontamination & Transfer System

Cavity decontamination at nuclear facilities is often a labor intensive process involving manual fluid transfers and generation of significant volumes of dry active waste (DAW). DEI’s D-CAT™ system completely automates the air/liquid separation and transfer process so that contaminated heels can been quickly and efficiently managed, reducing time, radiation exposure and DAW generated during cavity decontamination activities. Liquid mixtures containing contaminated particles are typically sent to an AMFM-B500 or AMFM-P500 system for filtration, but may be transferred to another location if desired. The central transfer tank in the D-CAT™ system is electropolished and crud trap-free for easy wash down and decontamination after use. The system is pneumatically-operated, eliminating the risk of electrical shock when working in standing water.