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Dual-Axis Robotic Vacuuming Arm (DARVATM)

DEI supplies a catalogue of cleaning and vacuuming attachments designed for use with the AMFM-based regenerable filtration systems. One such tool is DARVA™, a robust dual-axis robotic vacuuming arm designed for efficient removal of settled sediment and hard heels from tanks and vessels. DARVA™ can be quickly installed and remotely-operated using simple joystick controls, making it ideal for deployment in challenging radiological environments. Along with a skid-mounted AMFM™ regenerable filtration system, DARVA™ was recently deployed in a novel undervessel sump vacuuming application at LaSalle Station which significantly reduced radiological exposure to workers performing maintenance activities under the reactor vessel during a recent refueling outage. LaSalle was awarded 1st place at Exelon’s 2019 Innovation Expo for this project.