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AMFMTM Filter Technology Utilized for Waste Processing at DOE Site

Submersible and portable, skid-mounted AMFMTM filtration systems have been widely adopted at commercial nuclear power stations. Unlike conventional disposable filtration systems, AMFMTM filters utilize a patented process to regenerate their capacity and concentrate particulate waste in lieu of traditional filter disposal. This approach substantially reduces radwaste disposal costs and minimizes down time required for filter changeouts.

Conventional filtration challenges are not unique to commercial nuclear power plants, as nuclear waste processing facilities at DOE sites have encountered similar issues including rapid filter clogging, excessive filter changeouts and challenges in filter handling and disposal. In recent testing conducted in support of several DOE sites, DEI has successfully demonstrated that its AMFMTM technology and equipment deployed at commercial nuclear power stations could be adapted to address filtration challenges encountered during legacy waste processing activities. Subsequently, DEI has demonstrated restoration of filtration operations through the incorporation of AMFMTM technology into existing systems and continues to support the delivery of new AMFMTM filtration equipment for use at DOE sites.