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DEI Collaborates with Gamma Reality Inc. for Visualization of Radiological Conditions during NU-DEC Ultrasonic Piping Decontamination

NU-DEC ultrasonic decontamination provides a safe and cost effective way to reduce piping dose rates and eliminate piping hot spots at nuclear facilities. The NU-DEC equipment quickly attaches to the outside of the piping and effectively cleans the pipe interior locally without the need to open or enter the piping system. The cleaning equipment can be progressively moved along the piping system to clean larger areas.

During recent NU-DEC operations, DEI has collaborated with Gamma Reality, Inc. for 3D visualization of radiation fields in the piping systems during cleaning. GRI’s LAMP technology combines radiation data and high resolution LiDAR to generate real-time radiation maps that help guide and monitor cleaning activities.

NU-DEC and LAMP are complementary technologies, with LAMP enhancing a plant’s ability to identify and visualize radiological hazards, and NU-DEC providing a novel approach to eliminate them. We look forward to continuing to cooperate with GRI to help clients better manage radiological hazards at nuclear power plants and waste management facilities!

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