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DEI NU-DECTM System Deployed to Reduce Dose Rates at Fermi Station

DEI’s NU-DECTM system was recently deployed to reduce dose rates in at Fermi Station. This portable system attaches to the exterior of piping systems, allowing for safe and effective ultrasonic decontamination, including hot spot removal, without the need to open or access the interior of the pipe and without producing any secondary waste.

At Fermi Station, the NU-DECTM application was performed on drain lines which were resulting in elevated dose rates in a high traffic area. The ultrasonic decontamination process was applied for approximately 10-15 minutes per location, with approximately 3-5 feet of pipe being effectively decontaminated. The NU-DECTM application reduced general area dose rates in the vicinity of the piping by a factor of 3-4, which was estimated to reduce personnel exposure by 14 Rem during the subsequent refueling outage. For a 4th quartile plant, this dose savings is equivalent to $1.1M (USD). This activity also represented a substantial cost savings relative to alternative options considered, including chemical decontamination and piping replacement.

DEI provided the equipment, supporting engineering analysis and training for this application, with DTE RP technicians performing the site work.