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DEI Upgrades AMFM-B500 Filtration System for Decommissioning at Oyster Creek

Unlike conventional disposable filters, AMFMTM filters use a patented technology, which allows these filters to be ultrasonically regenerated and reused. For nuclear applications, in which waste disposal represents a major percentage of the overall filtration cost, AMFMTM filters represent a very cost effective solution compared to the use of conventional filters. For this reason, many plants are now using AMFMTM filtration systems such as the AMFM-B500 for activities such as vacuuming and general filtration in the spent fuel pool.

In 2018, Oyster Creek made the decision to abandon its plant installed equipment and instead utilize several submersible AMFM-B500 filtration systems to maintain water clarity and radiological conditions in the spent fuel pool during decommissioning and reactor vessel segmentation activities. This decision was based largely on a desire to eliminate periodic filter changeouts (including radwaste disposal) and avoid ongoing maintenance of aging plant-installed equipment.

The AMFM-B500 filtration systems at Oyster Creek have operated reliably and DEI recently incorporated a number of enhancements to these systems. This includes an automated backwashing function that regenerates the AMFMTM filters as needed with no manual intervention required, as well as the addition of a submersible demineralizer that is designed to remove soluble activity from the effluent of the AMFM-B500 filtration system. Within 7 days of being placed in service, the submersible demineralizer was effective in removing >95% of the soluble activity present in the spent fuel pool.

These features are available for new AMFMTM filtration systems, and as enhancements for systems already in service.