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LaSalle Completes NU-DECTM Ultrasonic Decontamination of Radwaste Piping

LaSalle Station recently utilized NU-DEC ultrasonic decontamination technology to eliminate hot spots in radwaste piping. The NU-DEC equipment was installed externally and achieved effective localized decontamination of the piping interior without the need to open or enter the piping system. The cleaning activity achieved an 80% reduction in hot spot dose rates, and proved to be very cost-effective relative to alternative solutions.

The NU-DEC equipment was installed and actuated at several locations along the piping system. The installation time was less than 1 minute, minimizing exposure to the technician while performing the cleaning. The cleaning time was approximately 10-15 minutes per location. At each location, effective decontamination was achieved over an axial length of 3-5 ft of piping (in the vicinity of the ultrasonic transducer) and the NU-DEC equipment was progressively moved along the piping length to achieve a comprehensive decontamination.

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