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LaSalle Wins 1st Prize at 2019 Exelon Innovation Expo with Novel Use of DARVATM Robot

LaSalle Station was recently awarded 1st prize at the 2019 Exelon Innovation Expo for a novel application using DEI’s DARVATM robotic vacuuming arm with AMFM-S300 regenerable filtration skid to clean the undervessel sump. Activity in the sump was contributing significantly to worker exposure during undervessel maintenance activities. In deploying the DARVATM system, activity was effectively removed from the sump, resulting in a 40% reduction in radiological exposure under the reactor vessel during the 2019 refueling outage.

Following the undervessel sump cleaning at LaSalle Station, the AMFM-S300 filtration skid was transferred to the refuel floor and backwashed to an AMFM-B500 filtration system. The backwashing operation reduced the dose rates on the AMFM-S300 filters by 98%, allowing this portable filtration system to be safely stored until its next use.

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