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    Chris Casarez

    Custom Software Tools & Products

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    • Custom software development and V&V, including to nuclear safety-related quality assurance standards
    • Automated tracking of work flow and environmental conditions at industrial facilities, including commercial nuclear plants and waste management sites
    • Engineering analysis and risk management software

    Mr. Casarez has significant expertise in software development and validation, including to rigorous nuclear safety-related quality assurance standards. Mr. Casarez is the lead engineer responsible for the development of DEI’s patent pending Telepath technology, a software/hardware platform that generates crowdsourced maps of radiological and environmental conditions at nuclear facilities using tracking devices and a sensor package worn by plant workers. Through real-time monitoring and passive data collection and analysis, Telepath significantly enhances worker safety while at the same time decreasing the cost and effort associated with manual data collection, analysis and reporting. Under sponsorship from EPRI, Mr. Casarez also led an effort to develop a software program to track nuclear waste during decommissioning and dismantling activities nuclear facilities from point of generation to final disposal.

    In addition to the development of software/hardware platforms to improve work flow and safety at nuclear facilities, Mr. Casarez has also developed custom software programs for engineering analysis and risk management. Mr. Casarez has made significant contributions to the Extremely Low Probability of Rupture (xLPR) V2.0 project, which is a multi-organizational collaborative software development effort sponsored by EPRI to develop a probabilistic fracture mechanics code for risk analysis of primary-side welds susceptible to cracking in nuclear power plants. He has served as the test lead of the verification and validation (V&V) effort for the xLPR V2.0 project as a whole and has made various contributions to the requirements definition, design, implementation, and testing of the sub-models used by the xLPR code. Mr. Casarez has also served as the software test lead for several custom nuclear safety-related analysis codes developed by DEI to support evaluations of the Hanford Waste Treatment Plant (WTP).

    Mr. Casarez holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Maryland. Prior to joining DEI, Mr. Casarez held position at Bechtel Power Corporation and performed research in the Advanced Manufacturing Lab at the University of Maryland where his work included the development of control and data acquisition software for a test facility to characterize mixing in polymeric extruders.


    • University of Maryland

      B.S., Mechanical Engineering


    • Lead engineer for DEI’s proprietary Telepath technology, a software/hardware platform that passively generates crowdsourced maps of radiological and environmental conditions at nuclear facilities
    • Tau Beta Pi
    • Banneker/Key Scholarship