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    Chuck Marks, Ph.D., P.E.

    Chemistry & Fuel Reliability

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    • Plant Chemistry
    • Fuel Reliability
    • ALARA/RP & Source Term Management
    • Corrosion and Materials Degradation

    Dr. Marks is a technical industry leader in the areas of plant chemistry, fuel and materials reliability, and source term management. He is the primary author for numerous EPRI industry references and a technical consultant for the following EPRI issue management programs:

    • Water Chemistry Control Program
    • Steam Generator Management Program
    • Fuel Reliability Program
    • Primary System Corrosion Research

    Dr. Marks also provides direct consulting to nuclear utilities and equipment vendors in a variety of capacities including: site-specific application of EPRI research, conversion from manual chemistry sampling and analysis to on-line remote chemistry monitoring instrumentation, technical support and analysis for chemical additives such as Zn, and root cause and impact evaluations for primary and secondary chemistry excursions. He also provides technical consulting to commercial and government clients for unique technical challenges which require multidisciplinary application of chemistry, chemical engineering, and material science. Dr. Marks has significant expertise with corrosion and environmental degradation of materials such as Ni and zirconium alloys, austenitic stainless steels, ferrous alloys, concrete, cables and other polymeric materials in a wide range of chemical, thermal and radiological environments.

    Dr. Marks joined DEI in 1998 after earning his doctorate in Chemical Engineering from the University of Maryland, College Park. His alma mater is Tufts University, where he earned a B.S. in Chemical Engineering and English Literature. Before joining DEI, Dr. Marks held positions in the plastics and pharmaceutical industries.


    • University of Maryland, College Park

      Ph.D., Chemical Engineering

    • Tufts University

      B.S., Chemical Engineering and English Literature


    • EPRI Committee Member / Technical Consultant
    • Primary Water Chemistry Guidelines
    • Secondary Water Chemistry Guidelines
    • Zinc Application Sourcebook
    • Fuel Cladding Corrosion and Crud Guidelines
    • Steam Generator Integrity Assessment Guidelines
    • Primary to Secondary Leak Guidelines
    • MULTEQ Database
    • ASME Steam Properties Subcommittee (US National Committee to IAPWS)
    • Licensed Professional Engineer (VA)