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    Jean Collin

    Decommissioning & Specialized Tooling

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    • Specialized tooling design & delivery for challenging decommissioning activities and operational maintenance
    • Stress mitigation and surface preparation techniques and application
    • Materials testing and characterization
    • Ultrasonic cleaning and decontamination

    Mr. Collin is an expert in the design and delivery of specialized tooling for unique technical challenges encountered throughout the life cycle of nuclear power plants. He has led design efforts to develop tooling for a wide range of operational and decommissioning applications in both light water reactors and CANDU units, including: reactor vessel internals segmentation and radwaste management, calandria relief duct repair, sleeving of steam generator tubing, concrete decontamination, pipe end decontamination in support of steam generator replacement, and ultrasonic decontamination of radwaste solidification systems and piping systems at operating nuclear plants. He specializes in remote tooling delivery and has designed and consulted on efforts to deploy and retrieve cleaning and repair equipment in difficult-to-access locations such as within heat exchangers and complex piping systems.

    Mr. Collin is the primary author for numerous EPRI industry references and a technical consultant for the following EPRI R&D programs:

    • EPRI Decommissioning Technology
    • EPRI Welding & Repair Technology Center
    • Steam Generator Management
    • Advanced Nuclear Technology

    Mr. Collin is also an expert in thermal hydraulic and structural modeling, and stress analysis and mitigation techniques. In addition to applying this technical expertise during the design process and in support of the research programs discussed above, he also regularly consults with nuclear utilities to develop solutions for unique technical challenges, and to provide independent design reviews for specialized equipment and tooling being developed/deployed by other organizations. Mr. Collin is also responsible for oversight of DEI’s intellectual property and patent portfolio.

    Mr. Collin holds an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from MIT and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from McGill University. Prior to joining DEI, Mr. Collin worked in MIT’s Gas Turbine Lab where his research included computational fluid dynamics modeling to correlate early design stage blade characteristics and blade heat transfer and life in order to improve estimation of blade life.



    • MIT

      M.S., Mechanical Engineering

    • McGill University

      B.Eng., Mechanical Engineering


    • Primary inventor for several granted and pending patents pertaining to ultrasonic and hydraulic cleaning devices and methods
    • Technical consultant for the following industry research programs: EPRI Decommissioning Technology, EPRI Welding & Repair Technology Center, Steam Generator Management, Advanced Nuclear Technology
    • ASME member