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    John Buzzi

    Ultrasonic Fuel Cleaning & AMFMTM Filtration

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    • Design and deployment of custom hardware/software solutions
    • Ultrasonic cleaning and decontamination systems
    • Control software and electrical/mechanical interface
    • Nuclear field services

    Mr. Buzzi is an expert in the design and delivery of specialized hardware solutions and services at nuclear facilities. He has designed the control software, electrical/mechanical interfaces and sensing systems for a number of nuclear field service products, including DEI’s high efficiency ultrasonic cleaning (HE-UFC) systems, and has provided on-site technical support during numerous fuel cleaning campaigns throughout the U.S. and Europe.

    While on-site and nuclear facilities, Mr. Buzzi enjoys working directly with clients to identify areas where outage maintenance activities could be improved through the use of more effective tooling. Through these interactions, Mr. Buzzi has developed a number of custom ultrasonic cleaning and decontamination tools, including a device that efficiently remove foreign objects from nuclear fuel assemblies and a novel air/liquid separation and transfer system that reduces the time required and dry active waste produced during cavity decontamination by facilitating more efficient handling and transfer of contaminated heels at the bottom of deep cavities and equipment pits.

    Prior to joining DEI, Mr. Buzzi completed a UTSR industrial fellowship at Woodward FST, where he worked on control systems for industrial gas turbines and heat exchange / temperature regulation systems for high speed machine tooling. He also completed research in Cornell University’s Biorobotics and Locomotion Lab. He holds a B.S. and M.Eng. in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University.


    • Cornell University

      M.Eng., Mechanical Engineering

    • Cornell University

      B.S., Mechanical Engineering


    • Design and development of critical components for DEI’s patented ultrasonic fuel cleaning systems