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    Marc Kreider, P.E.

    Thermal Performance & Asset Management

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    • Thermal performance optimization in power systems, including the effects of corrosion deposit fouling and component degradation on nuclear steam generators and balance-of-plant systems
    • Life cycle management of nuclear components during licensed operating period of the plant and as part of license renewal (and subsequent license renewal)
    • Economic optimization of nuclear plant maintenance, including repair/replacement strategies for major components and timing/frequency of inspection and maintenance activities

    Mr. Kreider is a technical expert in analyzing the thermal performance of nuclear power systems, including the development of cost-effective strategies to recover heat-transfer efficiency and minimize the risks of plant production losses in nuclear steam generators and balance-of-plant components. He is the primary author of numerous industry publications on thermal performance, including:

    • “Thermal Performance Degradation and Heat-Transfer Fouling”, Chapter 12 in Steam Generators for Nuclear Power Plants. ISBN 978-0-08-100894-2. Duxford, UK: Woodhead Publishing, 2017.
    • “Probabilistic Economic Evaluation of Steam Generator Management Options: Development and Application at Exelon PWRs,” paper presented at the SGMP 2010 Steam Generator Secondary Side Management Conference held in San Antonio, TX, March 2–4, 2010.
    • “Industry SG Heat-Transfer Fouling Trends and Probabilistic Fouling Predictions,” paper 4.07P / 5.09 presented at the 6th CNS International Steam Generator Conference held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, November 8–11, 2009.
    • Steam Generator Thermal Performance Degradation Case Studies, EPRI, Palo Alto, CA: 1998. TR110018.
    • “A Global Fouling Factor Methodology for Analyzing Steam Generator Thermal Performance Degradation,” in Proceedings of the Third International Steam Generator and Heat Exchanger Conference, ISBN 0-919784-59-3, pp. 190–208. Toronto, Canada: Canadian Nuclear Society / Société Nucléaire Canadienne, 1998. [Held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, June 1998]

    Mr. Kreider has developed proprietary approaches which integrate predictions of thermal performance and material degradation with economic analysis. The results allow utilities to quantitatively compare forecasts of both technical and economic metrics for various maintenance strategies in order to support informed decision-making. Mr. Kreider has completed and directed 25 strategic assessments of this type to assist utilities in developing technical bases for determining whether—and when—to perform maintenance and inspection activities for major components. These studies have also been used to assist utilities in quantitatively comparing the long-term consequences of major component repair/replacement options through the course of candidate plant lifetimes (e.g., license renewal or subsequent license renewal). In total, strategic assessments performed by Mr. Kreider over the last 25 years have saved nuclear utilities on the order of one hundred million USD in operating and maintenance (O&M) costs through optimized life cycle management of major components and other plant assets.

    In addition to developing industry guidance on thermal performance and providing direct consulting to nuclear utilities in this area, Mr. Kreider has also been the principal investigator supporting EPRI research to qualify and support the application of polymeric dispersants and filming products in nuclear systems to control deposit fouling and component corrosion. His work in support of these research programs has included evaluation of the effects of chemical additives on the performance of plant materials of construction, thermal efficiency, the accuracy of differential-pressure flow instruments, and blowdown iron removal efficiency. Mr. Kreider is the primary author of many EPRI technical reports on dispersants, including two industry sourcebooks, and has performed plant-specific technical evaluations for several utilities preparing for online dispersant use.

    Mr. Kreider holds an M.S. in Engineering Mechanics and a B.S. in Engineering Science and Mechanics from Virginia Tech. He is a licensed professional engineer in the Commonwealth of Virginia.


    • Virginia Tech

      M.S., Engineering Mechanics

    • Virginia Tech

      B.S., Engineering Science and Mechanics


    • EPRI Committee Member / Technical Consultant - Steam Generator Management Program, Plant Engineering, Dispersants, Filming Amines / Filming Products
    • Licensed Professional Engineer (VA)